Sunday, 5 June 2016

How To Evaluate And Find The Right Tiling Contractor In London?

When you are looking for the right tiling contractor for your home renovation project in London, there are several things you can consider to reach the right decision. Apart from creativity, sincere efforts, intelligent planning and skillful execution, there are some very important things to consider. Let’s take a look at those factors in this blog brought to you by Siera Stone Ltd-one of the best tiling companies in UK.
Check Licensing and insurance: Every state has different licenses for various specialties. Before you choose your tiling contractor, make sure your contractor has appropriate licensing and insurance. This is a very important consideration if you want to protect yourself and your property.
Research your options: In this age of internet, hiring a tiling contractor without proper research is a big mistake! You can look for reviews online and even have a look at their previous works on their websites. The best and most obvious way to spot experienced or inexperienced tiling company is through their previous work.  Before you make the final choice, you want to make sure that the project you have in mind is something your contractor has knowledge about.
Ceramic Tiling Contractors
Knowledge: A good contractor is knowledgeable about different methods available for your project. They may even show you tile design concepts and samples of stone and tile for you to review. If a tiling company doesn’t have knowledge of different tiling options, then it would be impossible to know how the price can be lowered, especially if you are on a set budget.
Find out what kind of materials they use. Determine what kind of materials your tiling contractor uses. Siera Stone Ltd-the number one ceramic tiling contractors uses the best tiles and natural stone materials to make your dream home a reality. A wide range of choices in materials are available to suit your needs.
Should be ready to listen to your ideas
A good contractor should be ready to listen to your goals for your project. He should also be able to suggest alternative methods for something that may not be viable.
The bottom line is to become informed and make the best decision for your dream home. Siera Stone Ltd is the leading London tiling and stone company which is committed to providing you the best stone and tiling options in the UK. To schedule an appointment, visit-

Friday, 20 May 2016

Expert Tips To Choose Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking to change the overall look and feel of your house, then tiles are an excellent method of changing the look of your home. The tiles can be used to add texture and colour to nearly any room in your home. When used correctly, tiles can bring your home to life. Mosaic tiles are quite popular for their unmatched variety and visual appeal. Once you understand how to use mosaic tiles correctly in your home, you will be surprised to discover the beauty they will bring to your home. Here are some tips to choose mosaic tiles, btiling companies in UK.
Tiling Companies
Why choose mosaic tiles?
Mosaic tiles are available in various patterns, shapes, textures and sizes. One can easily customize them to suit their tiling preferences and decor style. So, it would be an excellent choice if you are looking to add personality to your home. Here are some advantages they offer:
  • They will add grandeur to the entire setup.
  • They would take you a fraction of the cost for installing other types of types.
Things to keep in mind when choosing mosaic tiles
  • When selecting mosaic tiles for your home, consider the area you wish to add mosaics – whether you wish to add it to an entire area or simply a feature strip. You can choose tiles of different shapes to create unique designs and patterns and add a unique personality to your home.
  • Mosaic tiles come in a variety of patterns and textures; among the most popular and highly recommended is the patterned mosaic tile option.
  • While all mosaic tiles look beautiful, when choosing the tiles keep in mind the aspect of tile porosity and durability. This is particularly important if you buying tiles for high human traffic areas, suggest the experts at Siera Stone Ltd-one of the best tiling companies in Essex.
 Best Places for Mosaic Tiles
  • Bathrooms and showers make ideal locations for experimenting with mosaic tiles.
  • Another great place to experiment with mosaic tiles is the kitchen, especially the backsplash area.
When it comes to choosing tiles, the options are endless. To find the best selection of tiles always choose reputed tiling companies like Siera Stone Ltd which is the number one choice of people when it comes to quality tile installation in the UK.
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Monday, 11 April 2016

How To Use Tiles To Give Rustic Look To Your Home?

If you want to give your home that quaint European village look then natural stone tiles are what you should choose. Natural stones like travertine and slate tiles provide rustic appearance to your home. While slate can be a bit tricky to walk on indoors, travertine can be quite a good option. Read on to find some tips to give rustic look to your home using tiles, in this blog post, brought to you by Siera Stone Ltd-one of the leading tiling companies in Essex.
Travertine tiles
Beautiful colour variance and the frayed edges is what make travertine tiles beautiful. An amazing idea is to match travertine with a random look pattern for a completely stunning, yet rustic look, suggest the tiling experts at Siera Stone tiling company.
Natural Stone Veneers
Stone veneers first became popular for use in patios. Their rustic look doesn’t just look great outdoors, but has a certain appeal for indoors as well. They look especially very good when used at fireplaces, adding cover and excitement to the existing surface. Stone veneers look equally good in bathrooms, kitchens or even an accent wall. When used as kitchen backsplash, they complement granite counters well. On a room with hardwood flooring, stone veneers around fireplace give the room quaint and beautiful look.
Hardwood flooring
Another very good option is hardwood flooring; this flooring option effortlessly provides a rustic charm to your house that requires less maintenance.
Wood plank porcelain tiles
For the lovers of porcelain tiles, this is a very good option. To make the tiles look as close to real wood as possible, try to get small grout lines. This kind of porcelain tile is designed to make it look like hardwood flooring, perfect for your rustic home!
If you are looking for the best quality tiles that match the look and style of your house, then contact Siera Stone Ltd, which is one of the best tiling companies in London. From natural stone tiles to wood plank porcelain tiles, you get the best products at the most affordable rates; so, you aren’t limited to just a handful. To know more about their products, visit-

Friday, 11 March 2016

Why Stone Cladding Is The Right Solution For Your Home?

If you want to provide timeless and elegant look to your home then stone cladding is what you should go for. It performs well, lasts a lifetime, and looks very elegant. Stone cladding is the perfect choice for your home’s exterior or interior. In this article by Siera Stone Ltd-the leading stone cladding contractors in London, we will look at some reasons to choose stone cladding for your home.
Stone Cladding is Timeless and Elegant
Stone cladding is an elegant material that never goes out of fashion.  You can choose from a range of natural stones, like-granite, limestone, sandstone and marble for a unique and beautiful look.  According To Siera Stone-the leading stone and tiling contractors in London, stone cladding is highly desired as it lends your home an elegant look that cannot be matched by any other cladding material.  If you want to increase the value of your home, then stone cladding is the perfect solution for you.

Stone Cladding is durable and Fire Resistant
Another very important factor that makes it such a popular choice is its durability. It requires little maintenance and can last for years. It can be of great benefit to you if you live in a fire prone area, as stone cladding is totally fire resistant.
Reduces your heating and cooling bills significantly
Rising electricity bills, is a cause of big worry for the home owners, so they are turning to stone cladding solutions to ensure their home is well insulated. Stone cladding provides good natural insulation that reduces both your heating and cooling bills significantly. Stone cladding is also a very good acoustic insulator.  This means that if you have noisy neighbours or live in a noisy surrounding, it will help block exterior noise, making your home more peaceful.
Requires occasional cleaning
You just need to clean the stone cladding occasionally or reseal it every few years in order to keep it in optimum condition.
Stone cladding provides an excellent solution to the home owners, builders or any other property owners. With the benefits listed above, it can surely be the ideal solution for your home or office. To discuss more about stone cladding or for professional installation, contact Siera Stone Ltd-one of the most sought after stone cladding and tiling companies in Essex with years of experience in professional tiling and stone cladding works.
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Friday, 12 February 2016

Tips To Find The Right Stone Contractor For Your Home Renovation Project

Finding the right stone contractor is very important as the final look of your home will depend upon the skills and craftsmanship of the contractor you choose. With so many options available these days, how do you know which contractor is right for your project? Here are some tips you can use to choose the right stone contractors for your home renovation project.

Do Your Homework
Before you start looking for stone contractors in your area, you should equip yourself with some basic knowledge about tiles. Also, it is good to determine what you want before you accept a bid from someone.  Research the possibilities; take ideas from stonework that you see in other homes, home decor blogs and in print.  The more you are able to visualize what you want, the better your experience will be in dealing with the contractor.  Make sure to always look for experienced stone contractors, like Siera Stone Ltd-the leading stone contractors in London who can give shape to your vision and give expert tips to design your perfect home.

Quality is Key
Get bids from as many contractors as you can, but try not to base your decision solely on the price.  To get the best results, it is important to choose a contractor who alw
ays puts quality first. Remember, the stone work is something which is going to stay for years, and if you end up not liking the end result, your money, efforts and time will go wasted.

The Real Deal
Other important things to consider include-the reputation of the contractor, whether or not they have an impressive portfolio, quality references and how much they love their trade and take pride in their work.  The stone contractor you choose should be the one who would do the best job possible, to give shape to your vision.

In the end, what matters the most is your satisfaction; and for Siera Stone Ltd-the leading London Stone Company, customer satisfaction is always important. Schedule an appointment today to get expert ideas on stone installation. You will be surprised with the variety and choices available!
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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Save Your Time, Money And Efforts Using The Tiling Tips From Siera Stone Ltd

When buying or working with tiles, a few useful tips from experts can help you save lots of time, money and efforts. Common tiling mistakes are easily avoidable.  So, don’t waste your time, money and efforts unnecessarily, use these tips from Siera Stone Ltd-the leading London tile company, to get great results from your next tiling project.

-Buy extra tiles-When purchasing tiles, always purchase extra tiles. Some tiles are are much more susceptible to cracking or breaking than other types of tile, so always make sure to have extra on hand. 

-Use mosaic tiles for extra grip-For a surface that requires extra grip try mosaic tiles, with lots of grout lines they are great for areas that are very slippery. Mosaic tiles are always great for grip on a bathroom floor and look incredibly beautiful as well.

-Use large tiles for easier cleaning-Large tiles are a lot easier to clean than smaller tiles, because they have much less grout. Also, they tend to make a small room appear bigger!

-Use glossy tiles for more light-Glossy tiles with their luminosity are a great way to make a room appear bright and spacious.

-Use flat tiles for countertop-When choosing countertop tiles, make sure you install tiles which are flat because rounded tiles are not a level surface for things like glasses, bowls, etc. Granite tiles are great for counter tops because not just they are cheaper, but heat and water resistant too, suggests the leading London stone company.

-Choose unglazed tiles for outdoors-When choosing tiles for outdoors, always make sure they are unglazed as glazed tiles can be slippery and lead to a serious injury.

Keep these useful tips in mind for your next tiling project and they can help you save lots of time, effort, and money in having to fix or completely start your project from scratch again. Also, always go for reputed tiling contractors in London, like Siera Stone Ltd that helps in developing exclusive methodology and tiling techniques that ensure superior results on every job done.

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Tips To Keep In Mind When Selecting The Best Stone And Tile Contractor

Finding an expert tiling and stone cladding contractors that has industry knowledge, great skills and commitment to service is not an easy job. The final look of your house and its beauty will depend greatly on the skills and experience of the tiling and stone contractor you choose. If you are planning to get a home renovation soon, these tips by Siera Stone Ltd will help you choose the best tiling and stone contractors in your area.

Tip 1: Ask your family, friends, and neighbours, who have recently had a tiling work for referrals and research the net for some reviews and recommendations.

Tip 2: Once you have got some good recommendations, call the companies for estimate. During your estimate, always tell the companies about the ‘look’ you want and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Tips 3: Now that you have some estimates/quotes in hand, evaluate and check them. Also, ask to see examples of contractors’ some of previous works.

Tip 4: Select a skilled and trustworthy contractor, whom you feel comfortable with. It is important to ensure that everything you and your contractor agree to is included in your contract. Don’t sign the contract until you understand all the terms.

Tip 5: Work with your contractor to plan your project carefully. Throughout the project, keep the lines of communication open with your tiling and stone contractor. The contractors at Siera Stone Ltd take this seriously and their entire team make efforts to ensure clear communication with their customers.

Tip 6: Ask your prospective contractor to provide a realistic time frame for the job and plan accordingly.
Using these tips you can choose the right stone and tiling contractor that understands your needs and work hard to give perfect shape to your vision. Siera Stone Ltd-the leading tiling and stone contractors in London can help create your dream kitchen and bath with the best quality stones and tiles. Learn more about the different options you have for your kitchen countertop, tile flooring, fireplace, shower wall, outdoor kitchen and marble counters.

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