Monday, 11 April 2016

How To Use Tiles To Give Rustic Look To Your Home?

If you want to give your home that quaint European village look then natural stone tiles are what you should choose. Natural stones like travertine and slate tiles provide rustic appearance to your home. While slate can be a bit tricky to walk on indoors, travertine can be quite a good option. Read on to find some tips to give rustic look to your home using tiles, in this blog post, brought to you by Siera Stone Ltd-one of the leading tiling companies in Essex.
Travertine tiles
Beautiful colour variance and the frayed edges is what make travertine tiles beautiful. An amazing idea is to match travertine with a random look pattern for a completely stunning, yet rustic look, suggest the tiling experts at Siera Stone tiling company.
Natural Stone Veneers
Stone veneers first became popular for use in patios. Their rustic look doesn’t just look great outdoors, but has a certain appeal for indoors as well. They look especially very good when used at fireplaces, adding cover and excitement to the existing surface. Stone veneers look equally good in bathrooms, kitchens or even an accent wall. When used as kitchen backsplash, they complement granite counters well. On a room with hardwood flooring, stone veneers around fireplace give the room quaint and beautiful look.
Hardwood flooring
Another very good option is hardwood flooring; this flooring option effortlessly provides a rustic charm to your house that requires less maintenance.
Wood plank porcelain tiles
For the lovers of porcelain tiles, this is a very good option. To make the tiles look as close to real wood as possible, try to get small grout lines. This kind of porcelain tile is designed to make it look like hardwood flooring, perfect for your rustic home!
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