Friday, 11 March 2016

Why Stone Cladding Is The Right Solution For Your Home?

If you want to provide timeless and elegant look to your home then stone cladding is what you should go for. It performs well, lasts a lifetime, and looks very elegant. Stone cladding is the perfect choice for your home’s exterior or interior. In this article by Siera Stone Ltd-the leading stone cladding contractors in London, we will look at some reasons to choose stone cladding for your home.
Stone Cladding is Timeless and Elegant
Stone cladding is an elegant material that never goes out of fashion.  You can choose from a range of natural stones, like-granite, limestone, sandstone and marble for a unique and beautiful look.  According To Siera Stone-the leading stone and tiling contractors in London, stone cladding is highly desired as it lends your home an elegant look that cannot be matched by any other cladding material.  If you want to increase the value of your home, then stone cladding is the perfect solution for you.

Stone Cladding is durable and Fire Resistant
Another very important factor that makes it such a popular choice is its durability. It requires little maintenance and can last for years. It can be of great benefit to you if you live in a fire prone area, as stone cladding is totally fire resistant.
Reduces your heating and cooling bills significantly
Rising electricity bills, is a cause of big worry for the home owners, so they are turning to stone cladding solutions to ensure their home is well insulated. Stone cladding provides good natural insulation that reduces both your heating and cooling bills significantly. Stone cladding is also a very good acoustic insulator.  This means that if you have noisy neighbours or live in a noisy surrounding, it will help block exterior noise, making your home more peaceful.
Requires occasional cleaning
You just need to clean the stone cladding occasionally or reseal it every few years in order to keep it in optimum condition.
Stone cladding provides an excellent solution to the home owners, builders or any other property owners. With the benefits listed above, it can surely be the ideal solution for your home or office. To discuss more about stone cladding or for professional installation, contact Siera Stone Ltd-one of the most sought after stone cladding and tiling companies in Essex with years of experience in professional tiling and stone cladding works.
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