Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Why Choose Granite Tile Flooring For Your Next Flooring Project?

An increasing number of homeowners these days are opting for granite flooring due its huge benefits and great designs. Granite flooring, if looked after properly offers years of beauty and durability. Let’s take a look at some more benefits of using granite flooring in your home, brought to you by Siera Stone Ltd-the leading tiling company in London.

·        Granite comes in a variety of different colours and patterns that will definitely leave you spoilt for choice. Granite flooring is available in the following finishes-
1.      Polished Granite-Since, it may be slightly slippery it is best suited for low traffic areas.
2.      Honed Granite-It has a matte finish, so it can be used for high traffic areas as well.
3.      Flamed Granite-It is a popular choice for outdoor spaces because of its rough and textured surface.
4.      Brushed Granite-It has a smooth and silky appearance.
·         Granite flooring is the perfect choice to invest in as it provides durability as well as elegance to your home.
·         Due to its durable and hardwearing nature, granite flooring can be used both interior flooring as well as for outdoor spaces, suggest the best tiling contractors in London. Blending your interior with the outside world will add architectural character to your property.
·         It is very strong and can withstand a lot of traffic movement.
·         Once properly sealed, granite is extremely resistant to water and moisture.
·         It is easy to clean and is low on maintenance.
·         Granite is resistant to bacteria and allergens, making it a good choice for a healthy home.

So if you are considering home renovation and are looking for flooring options that will add elegance to your interiors and stand up to the demands of daily life, contact Siera Stone Ltd-one of the best tiling companies in Essex for the granite tiles in various colours and finish.
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How To Clean And Maintain Natural Stone Tiling

It takes lot of hard work to select the right tiles for your home. Natural Stone Tiles are one of the most beautiful looking and durable tiles, so to make sure they stay in the best condition for a long time, it is important to take proper care of them. Here are some care and maintenance tips by Siera Stone Ltd-the best tiling company in London to ensure your stone flooring stays new like for a long time.

Make sure your tiles are properly treated
All stone tiles are naturally porous, so they require special treatment in order to improve their stain resistance and durability. For example, as Limestone & Travertine are very porous, they require sealing prior to being laid. Granite tiles or Slate tiles on the other hand, can be sealed after being laid as they are denser in comparison to Limestone and Travertine. Application of sealers is also very important to protect your stone against water, oils, stubborn dirt and grease. It makes maintenance a lot easier and enhances the beauty of your natural stone tiles. Contact Siera Stone Ltd, the best commercial tiling contractors in London for the best installation and maintenance of your tiles and enhance the life and beauty of your tiles.

How to clean your natural stone tiles?
Here are some important instructions by Siera Stone Ltd’s tiling experts:
·         Regular sweeping, mopping together with vacuum cleaning is advised. Any abrasive or acidic cleaning agent should be avoided as they can remove the protective sealant or may even damage your stone tiles.
·         Always use your vacuum cleaner with ‘hard floor’ mode.

·         Even though a sealant will protect your tiles from getting stained, any spill should be immediately cleaned.
·         A specially formulated stone tile cleaner should only be used to clean natural stone tiles. Such cleaners do not contain damaging chemicals and effectively clean your tiles, while providing added protection to such tiles.
Regular care and maintenance of your natural stone tiles will not just make your house look beautiful for years but will also give you the years of durability and value for money you expect.
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