Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Save Your Time, Money And Efforts Using The Tiling Tips From Siera Stone Ltd

When buying or working with tiles, a few useful tips from experts can help you save lots of time, money and efforts. Common tiling mistakes are easily avoidable.  So, don’t waste your time, money and efforts unnecessarily, use these tips from Siera Stone Ltd-the leading London tile company, to get great results from your next tiling project.

-Buy extra tiles-When purchasing tiles, always purchase extra tiles. Some tiles are are much more susceptible to cracking or breaking than other types of tile, so always make sure to have extra on hand. 

-Use mosaic tiles for extra grip-For a surface that requires extra grip try mosaic tiles, with lots of grout lines they are great for areas that are very slippery. Mosaic tiles are always great for grip on a bathroom floor and look incredibly beautiful as well.

-Use large tiles for easier cleaning-Large tiles are a lot easier to clean than smaller tiles, because they have much less grout. Also, they tend to make a small room appear bigger!

-Use glossy tiles for more light-Glossy tiles with their luminosity are a great way to make a room appear bright and spacious.

-Use flat tiles for countertop-When choosing countertop tiles, make sure you install tiles which are flat because rounded tiles are not a level surface for things like glasses, bowls, etc. Granite tiles are great for counter tops because not just they are cheaper, but heat and water resistant too, suggests the leading London stone company.

-Choose unglazed tiles for outdoors-When choosing tiles for outdoors, always make sure they are unglazed as glazed tiles can be slippery and lead to a serious injury.

Keep these useful tips in mind for your next tiling project and they can help you save lots of time, effort, and money in having to fix or completely start your project from scratch again. Also, always go for reputed tiling contractors in London, like Siera Stone Ltd that helps in developing exclusive methodology and tiling techniques that ensure superior results on every job done.

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