Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Best Ways To Maintain A Tile Shower

As the leading tiling contractors in London, the experts at Siera Stone Ltd have always been asked about the best tips to maintain a tile shower to avoid costly repairs in future. So, to benefit the home homeowners and save their efforts, time and money; Siera Stone Ltd-the leading tiling company in London presents this informative blog to keep your shower tiles new like for years.
Grout maintenance
Grout used in tile installation is made with a water repelling property built in, which is meant to look shiny and bright forever, but in reality it does not happen. Even with the best cleaning practices, sometimes yellowing and mildewing of grout happens. This is because it is wet most of the time and receives no sunlight.
So, how to maintain your grout to keep it clean, sealed and looking pretty? Using harsh chemicals to clean your grout can eventually wear down your grout’s water repelling property over time, causing grout to absorb water; the result is-mildewing and discolouring. When this happens, the homeowners are left with no other option but to re-grout.
The right way to clean the grout
Harsh chemicals can make your grout appear cleaner and whiter, but it makes the grout porous. A better and eco-friendly way to clean your grout is to use a mixture of one-third white vinegar to two-thirds water. Use a soft scrub brush with a little elbow grease and you will have cleaner grout in few days.

 Seal the grout to make it last long
Sealants add water repelling property back into the grout that's lost over time. Grout that is sealed will not just be more durable but more stain resistant too. The experts at the leading London tiling company recommend sealing at least once or twice a year after consulting an expert.

 Use a squeegee
Buy a squeegee that you can use after each shower. This will allow less water to dry on your grout, tile and shower doors, thus leaving less mineral deposits behind.
These were some amazing tips you can easily use to keep your shower tiles looking new like for years. For more such tips, or to get the best tiling solutions for your homes and offices, contact Siera Stone Ltd, the best commercial tiling contractors in London.
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